Here are your final Qualifiers for the 2021 GRCA Top Twenty Invitational. Congratulations to the owners, breeders and handlers of these Qualifiers to the GRCA 2021 Top Twenty Invitational to be held October 28th in Ocala, Florida at the GRCA Golden Retriever National. They join the 25 Qualifiers announced on January 10th and listed below. Definitely this will be our largest event ever!

Congratulation to these fabulous dogs and also help us share the news! Details on this Triple Crown event will be coming soon so stay tuned for all the event details.

January 1-June 30th, 2021 Qualifiers

  • GCH Begold Scion Right Addi-Dude
  • GCHB Boca Gold’s Lil Peace Of Heaven
  • GCHS Chestnut Then Came You
  • GCH Dalane Rose Tree Whirlwind Romance RN CA DJ CGC TKN
  • GCH Esquire’s 2 Aces Up My Sleeve
  • GCH Goldenpap Hamilton Master Of Coin
  • GCH CH Hillock’s Harborview
  • GCHB Leongolden Let’s Celebrate Boss
  • GCH Magic City’s Still On The Road TKN
  • GCH Maximus Golden Trip Paradaise Ibiza
  • GCH Ocean Palace’s Here With You
  • GCHB Scion Begold All-Timate Diva
  • GCHB Skye’s Come Dance With Me DJ TKN
  • GCHB Summits Fireline Medal Of Honor
  • GCH Sunkota Casey’s Off To Dublin
  • GCHB Tamarack He Likes It
  • GCHS Teddybear’s Designer Hayley Paige
  • GCHB 24kt-Seasons A Star Is Born

Invitational Qualifiers from 19 and 20:

  • GCHS Alloro Waiting For Superman
  • GCHG Amica And Blueprint’s Golden Road
  • GCHS Birnam Wood’s Ready, Go! JH WC
  • GCHS Blueprint’s Sweetgold Country Girl
  • GCHB Casey’s All Dolled Up
  • GCHS Cbear’s Spot On at Devanley
  • GCHS Evening Star’s Ready or Not
  • GCHG Futura Lime Me Entertain You CGC TKN
  • GCHB Gemini’s Tranquil Rain CGC TkN
  • GCHB Goldrox One In A Million
  • GCHS Goldrox Sunnydreams Fire Starter
  • GCHS Goldrox Time for a Star
  • GCHG Goldruls It’s All Greek to Me CD JH CGC
  • GCHP Hillock’s Jack Daniel’s RA JH CA RATN CGC WCX
  • GCHB Lakesydes Dancing In My Underwear at Misty Meadows CGC
  • GCHG Jetoca’s Twistin’ The Night Away
  • GCHS Kingslanding’s Dream In Pink Mansion
  • GCHB Liberty’s Golden Pearl, Charlotte DN CGC
  • GCHB Megway’s Something to Walk About
  • GCHS Prism’s All About That Rock No Pebble
  • GCHS Questan’s Regeneraceshun BN RI RATN DM CGC TKI
  • GCHS Razzle’s The Devil Made Me Do It
  • GCH Rush Hill’s Get Off My Cloud
  • GCHS Wagntail’s Easy as Pi TKN
  • GCHS Zengold Murphy’s Law BCAT CGC

The following dogs are invited for Exhibition Only:

  • 2019 Top Twenty Winner: GCHG Aspenglo Betty Davis Eyes
  • 2019 Invited but did not Attend: GCHG Nautilus Law and Order, GCHS Summit’s Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk, GCHS Summit’s I Can Cry If I Want To