Arvind deBraganca, of Bell, Fla., has been named Junior Showmanship judge for the 2021 GRCA National Specialty, replacing previously-announced judge Amy Booth.

Booth voluntarily relinquished the judging position so that a number of junior handlers she has worked with will be able to compete in the Specialty in October.

deBraganca has been a dog enthusiast and exhibitor since 1989. Starting in Juniors, he went on to become a professional handler and breeder. Having had GSP, Newfs, Anatolians, Shibas, Manchesters, and, for the last 20 years, Dachshunds, he is very involved in preservation breeding and sustaining purebred dogs.

As for Junior Showmanship, he has put on many no-cost seminars, clothing exchanges, and educational gatherings. His commitment to Juniors and growing the future of the sport is always on the forefront.