We’re on the homestretch and the National is almost upon us. It took us an extra year to get here, but we can’t wait to see all of you in sunny Florida for what we hope will be one of the most memorable and fun Nationals you’ll ever attend.

As such, trust that we’re on top of everything and don’t buy into everything you read on Facebook, particularly when it involves speculation or misinformation regarding our National. If anyone has a question or concern, we ask that you please contact the appropriate person in our club and wait for a correct answer rather than posting speculation or providing false second hand information to others on Facebook.

This weekend a question regarding the dog policy of the World Equestrian Center hotel became a topic of conversation on Facebook. A lot of incorrect information was disseminated. We could not respond immediately because we needed to clarify with the hotel the information we provided. We were provided that clarification yesterday afternoon. Here is the correct information. We had been advised that as a result of damage caused by a number of dogs in their 5 star hotel, the WEC hotel was going to drop their dog friendly status, however we were previously assured that the hotel would be honoring its contract with the GRCA to allow dogs in the hotel with reservations made by those who announced their affiliation with the National when they made their reservation. The hotel pet policy always allowed for only 1 dog per room and that is how it remains for our group only. As we stated on the hotel page on our website, the WEC hotel is not the host hotel for our event. Our only relationship with the hotel was the negotiation of a reduced rate and reduced pet fee for a small block of rooms that was provided us by the hotel. We are working directly with the hotel to fill that block. Any other reservations made with the hotel previously by any individual was done outside our contracted block. Those of you who made your own reservations should contact the hotel directly to confirm that your dog friendly reservation is as we have stated above. Please remind them you are with the Golden event. If there is a problem, and we don’t expect there will be, we will try to intervene, but we make no guarantees on reservations made outside our block. We also ask that you be patient for a reply. We are not the only group the hotel has reservations with and we respond to all questions only after we have thoroughly verified our answers. Therefore, answers are not always immediate.

Also there were uncomplimentary comments made on Facebook about the National after people misunderstood a post regarding RV parking at a specialty as pertaining to the National. There are RV spaces still available for our National, and for those who posted on that thread that the Golden National might not be so golden after all, please consider the effect your misinformed comments have on the amazing people who have worked so hard for almost 3 years to make this National happen. Speaking as the chair of this event I am so proud of everyone working so hard to make this event a success and I thank you every day for your dedication, on a volunteer basis, to making this event so incredibly memorable for all of us.

Again, please contact us directly if you need us to answer any questions or concerns, we’re here to serve. Looking forward to seeing everybody in October!