For anyone planning to compete in Field Events that are held on the same days as any performance events during the 2021 GRCA National, please be aware that the event committee will make every effort under the rules to help you. Please inform the chairs of the field events that are in conflict at least a week in advance of the event that you are attempting to do both so they may make advance arrangements with marshals and judges. You will be responsible for making arrangements to facilitate a timely appearance for both events. We will make every effort to help, but you are ultimately responsible for determining if you can make both events.

Potential conflicts:

WC/WCX and MFGRC Agility Trial on Sunday, October 24
Field Trial and GRCA Agility Trial on Monday, October 25
Field Trial and Obedience, Rally and Conformation Sweepstakes on Tuesday, October 26
Field Trial and Obedience, Rally, CCA and Conformation on Wednesday, October 27

It is strongly suggested that exhibitors planning to do events at the World Equestrian Center and the Lazy J Ranch conduct a test run on the day before their conflict so they can more easily navigate on competition days.