2021 National is just around the corner so wanted to give a heads up to some things about to start and their deadlines.

This year for the first time we will be printing a separate Ad Catalog that will be free with the purchase of a regular catalog! This will become a keepsake so don’t miss out and get your Ads together and submitted!!

  1. Catalog Ad information - deadline 9/15/2021.

  2. We will be auctioning off the front cover, back cover , inside front cover and inside back cover of the National Catalog Ad book for 2021. So the top 4 bids will win!! The auction will begin on 08/25 - 09/08.

  3. Auction for 3 sets of camp chairs for ringside seating that will be setup between the two rings will begin 09/29 - 10/13.

  4. Raffle for 12 sets of camp chairs for ringside seating will begin 09/29 - 10/20.

Will post more information as we approach these dates!