Sherie Catledge

Sherie Catledge, Clarkrange, TN (WC/WCX - WC water)

Headshot of Sherie Catledge

Thank you so much for the opportunity to judge Golden Retrievers in WC/WCX tests at this year’s National Specialty! I fully plan to take advantage of being able to watch a breed that I love, and that started my adventure in the world of dogs, have fun in the field!

I feel like I have come full circle after starting with Goldens in 1974. Through that one dog, Sinbad, I have met some of the most wonderful people and found venues that have taken me all over the country as both a judge and exhibitor. I have also had a very successful run with both Goldens and Flat Coated Retrievers both in the breed ring and in the field. I feel that I have made contributions toward maintaining the dual -purpose dog.

I am thankful that I have had several mentors that were willing to take chances with me. I currently have several awesome retrievers from breeders that are still out there 30+ years later producing Best in Show dogs, Specialty Winners, and FC/AFC dogs.

Making this assignment even more special is the fact that I am a founding member of the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club and have watched the club flourish and grow. I am happy to report that we are creating a new Golden Club in Tennessee, the Smokey Mountain GRC, which I look forward to becoming active in!

People laugh when I tell them that my first golden breed champion, Bear, was 100+ pounds and had to jump 36/72 in obedience. I have pictures of myself holding a duck by the foot so as not to touch too much of its body. Things have sure changed since back then. But what hasn’t changed is the breed’s adaptability to excel in all performance venues. To that end, I am hoping to give out lots of pretty ribbons.