Randall Gerbino

Randall Gerbino, Stuart, FL (Hunt Test - Junior, WC/WCX - WC land)

Headshot of Randall Gerbino

I am honored and delighted to have been asked to judge an AKC Junior Hunter stake at the 2021 Golden National.

Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I have lived in Florida since the early 70's. I love the outdoors and, though I do not hunt myself, my husband hunts waterfowl and has always had a gun dog. After our children were in college, I was introduced to the AKC Hunt Test venue and I was totally hooked by this fun sport and how much the retrievers loved it. That was about 20 years ago and I've been blessed to have owned and handled many wonderful, interesting, sometimes quirky retrievers. I could watch dogs retrieve all day - each is an individual and all are special.

As a judge, I love watching the lower stakes dog/handler teams. It is rewarding to see the young/inexperienced dogs doing what they were bred to do. Though I believe in maintaining the test standard, I also love encouraging a dog/handler team in finding success at this great sport.