Missy Lemoi

Missy Lemoi, Easton, PA (Field Trial - Qualifying)

Headshot of Missy Lemoi

I became enamored with the hunt test game in 1992 after I was invited to watch a local hunt test. I mistakenly ended up at the Master stake and was completely in awe watching the dogs perform. After watching Master for about two hours, I found my way to a Junior stake and found that much easier to understand! I told my friend who had invited me to watch that I didn’t quite understand everything I had seen, but I knew I wanted to learn the game. My first training session was with a well-known amateur named John Cavanaugh and one of the grand dames of the Golden world…Leslie Dickerson. They helped me train my first competition dog, a Yellow Lab, to the Master level.

As I gained experience, I continued to train my own dogs to the Master level in hunt tests, then successfully competed in Qualifying stakes at field trials, and finally moved into the All-Age stakes at the trials. Both Leslie and John taught me the importance of giving back to the sport. I have a strong conviction that everyone needs to do his or her fair share to help others learn and to support the clubs who hold performance events for our retrievers.

I have held just about every position available on both hunt test and field trial committees. I have judged all levels of competition in both games. Since I have always trained my own dogs, I believe in helping other amateurs who want to learn how to train their dogs to compete in field events.

I started my own boarding kennel and dog obedience school in 2005. Since then, I find I don’t have as much time as I need to train for field trials. I have a wonderful group of close friends with whom I train regularly for hunt tests. I enjoy campaigning my two current Labs at the Master level and work each year toward qualifying for both the Master National and the Master Amateur Invitational.

Any weekend I am competing, you will find me near the line watching the dogs run. Even after 25 years of competing, I still love watching retrievers do what they were bred to do! I enjoy the camaraderie that exists among competitors and consider myself fortunate to have so many friends in the field game. I am proud I was asked to judge the American Chesapeake Club Specialty in 2005, and I am honored to be judging at the Golden Retriever Club Specialty in 2021.