Ken Kincaid

Ken Kincaid, Orlando, FL (Obedience)

Headshot of Ken Kincaid

Both Ken and Aimee are obedience judges who also teach obedience and handling. Their Successful Handler in Obedience Seminar has been presented and well-received all around the Southeast.

Ken has been judging since 2010 and has judged for AKC since 2012. His passion for the sport and experience in audio and video production has created an opportunity to help Companion Events with on-line training videos, judge's education support and production with AKC TV of the RNC and NOC.

"I love judging because it's so much fun. Watching handlers meet their goals with their dogs is awesome. I like to think I'm at least a small part of that process. I also enjoy the people I meet. Dog people are great to be around and I get to see great folks and great dogs all over the country."

"My judging philosophy encompasses fairness, consistency and handler friendliness. I try to constantly hone my craft as a judge to improve those elements. I have had the great pleasure of being judged by many great judges. I look to these individuals as well as AKC judge's education and the regulations to continually mold my judging persona."

"AKC Obedience is a storied sport and we follow in the footsteps of outstanding handlers, judges and officials. I recognize that every picture that I take with a handler becomes part of their personal history and that of AKC."