John Stracka

John Stracka, Verona, WI (Field Trial - Amateur)

Headshot of John Stracka

Throughout the past 20 years John Stracka has made material contributions that have been at the core of the administration and development of the retriever field sport. John has been contributing to our retriever field sport through the administration of Retriever News, Entry Express, local clubs, national championship clubs, and canine health awareness through publications and fund raising as liaison to AKC Canine Health Foundation.

As a regular field trial competitor he has accumulated over 400 points as an amateur and his dogs have earned over 700 points. Since 2007, John qualified dogs for 13 consecutive years for the National Amateur Championship, reaching a total of 28 National Amateur Retriever Club qualifiers. John has qualified as many as four dogs in a single year for the National Amateur Championship and had two dogs finish the same National twice in each of 2014 NARC and 2015 NRC - a total of 13 finalists in National Championships.

John trains with his dogs full time in Wisconsin and Georgia where he maintains retriever training grounds.