Ellen Bartkus

Ellen Bartkus, Vero Beach, FL (WC/WCX - WC land)

Headshot of Ellen Bartkus

I started in dog sports with a Miniature Schnauzer and the 4-Footed Leaders 4-H Dog Club in the late 60’s. I even convinced my parents to let me raise a German Shepherd Seeing Eye puppy. He became a permanent part of our family after being diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. My husband and I got our first Golden Retriever in 1976. With Snowbird and her son Blue and my champion Cheers, we became active in AKC Hunt tests when the program began in the mid-80’s in Florida. Blue and Cheers earned qualifying ribbons in the first hunt test held in Florida. Over the years we have owned 13 Goldens, and our dogs have titled in hunt tests, obedience, rally, tracking, conformation, and more. I have judged through the Master level in AKC hunt tests, as well as many WC/WCX tests. I enjoy seeing our beautiful Golden Retrievers in the field enjoying what they were bred to do.