Dave Kress

Dave Kress, Greensboro, AL (Field Trial - Amateur)

Headshot of Dave Kress

It is a wonderful honor to be asked to be a Field Trial judge at the Golden Retriever Club of America’s National Specialty this year. I’ll look forward to seeing these dynamic retrievers showcase their talents in the field.

I cannot remember a time in my life without a trained retriever, some were better than others and yes training techniques and skillsets have evolved. It is such a pleasure to watch these dogs work in the field and display natural and trained talents then go home to be wonderful companions and friends.

After a long and prosperous career in the construction field I was able to retire and devote myself to the wife, our training properties and our retrievers. Each person defines success with their dogs in a different manner. My definition is a good day of training or competition where we tried our best, our training held up and we had a good kick at the can. I firmly believe our dogs know when they did well and there’s nothing better than those eyes shining bright and that extra bounce in the step.

Our retriever odyssey is a family affair meaning my wife Marty is by my side for training and competitions. We each have our own retrievers to work and while our styles and philosophies may differ, we can celebrate the successes and commiserate the failures. It’s truly a team effort. Our travels have taken us coast-to-coast and throughout Canada as we‘ve competed and judged at numerous retriever events.

So as we approach the event I will endeavor to present fair and challenging series and may your marks be pinned and your blinds lined. Good luck and hope to see you there.