Dave Hirsch

Dave Hirsch, Columbus, OH (Agility)

Headshot of Dave Hirsch

I am very thankful for being asked to judge at the GRCA National agility trial. I have been judging agility for 14 years and enjoy giving back to the sport. I have so much fun competing and have made so many lifelong friends. I currently run my fifth Golden Retriever in the sport and he is Super Lotto. He has been the greatest partner and teammate achieving MACH 20 by the age of 7, participating in the AKC invitational three years in a row and finishing as the No. 1 Golden and No. 1 Sporting Breed dog in AKC agility in 2017. I am the lead instructor of the agility program at Columbus All-Breed Training Club and a member of my local Golden Retriever Club of Columbus, Ohio, and the GRCA since 1999. I purchased my first Golden from a wonderful breeder who thought I would make a nice “pet home”…boy was she wrong! She did help me get involved in all of this and like our special breed, she was warm and welcoming to me from then on. My family consists of my love Kim Wolfe, our Golden, four Border Collies and a Min-pin. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck at this year’s National and hope you have a wonderful and memorable week.