Christy Thomas

Christy Thomas, Vermilion, OH (Hunt Test - Junior)

Headshot of Christy Thomas

During my childhood, I wanted a dog more than anything, but I wasn’t allowed to have one due to my brother’s allergies. After I married, the opportunity came for me to finally get my very own dog and I chose a golden retriever!

Throughout the past 30+ years I have been blessed to be owned by six incredible goldens. Each one has taught me lessons along the way that have shaped the person, the trainer, the handler and the judge that I am today. These lessons taught me to be patient, to love, to rejoice, to accept disappointments and how to grieve. I've met some wonderful people along the way who have shared my passion for the breed and the work that they do.

The goldens that have owned me throughout the years: Tyko: Rusty Creek New Chapt’r at Skyefire CGC Born: 2019; Beau-D: CH OTCH10 Morgen's Lil' Bit of Skyefire UDX11 OGM TD MH27 AX AXJ WCX** VCX OBHF DDHF OS, School Therapy Dog, Born: 2010; Echo: OTCH Merichase Skye's Legacy UDX3 VCX2 SH AJ WCX OBHF CCA, Therapy Dog (2004-2017); Skye: OTCH Morninglo Fire in the Sky UDX4 MH NA NAJ WCX VCX OS, Therapy Dog (1997-2010); Indy: Santana’s Miss Independence UD JH WC (1992-2003); and Tandy: Thomas’ Tandy (1996-1991).

I became an AKC Junior and Senior Hunt test judge so I could give back to the sport that I’ve enjoyed for many years. I am also a member of the GRCA, CVGRC, BRC and CABTC, I’ve chaired the 2003 GRCA NS WC/WCX and will be chairing the GRCA WC/WCX at the 2022 National Specialty which CVGRC is again hosting. I am also a GRCA Statistician for the Triathlon Award and DDHF.

I am a retired elementary school teacher, a profession that I loved for 31 years. I’m co-owner of Canine Sports LLC in my hometown where I teach all of the competitive obedience classes. I’ve been married for 50 years to a very special person (Allan) who puts up with my dog obsession and we have an adult son, Joshua. A fun little note of trivia: Josh took horseback riding lessons here in Ohio from Kristin Ozmun Sipus (the chair of the 2021 Hunt Test) when he was young using her horse, Dove.

It is my pleasure to judge the Junior Hunt test at the 2021 GRCA NS hosted by Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club. I would like to thank Kristin for inviting me. Good luck to everyone and enjoy!