Cathie Turner

Cathie Turner, Sylmar, CA (CCA)

Headshot of Cathie Turner

I acquired my first Golden Retriever in Minnesota when I was in the eighth grade, a puppy from neighbors. Evidently both parents were Goldens because we registered her as Tara of Meadowbrook and she was an awesome retriever . . . of turtles from the swamp down the hill. And trained - she knew never to come until that piece of white Weber’s bread was offered.

After owning and showing Alaskan Malamutes for several years, Bill and I got our first Golden in 1989. We explained to the breeder that we would see he was finished, but we were through with dog shows, dog vehicles, and just wanted a pet to hike with us, and here we are.

We've been incredibly fortunate with mentors, the dogs we acquired, the dogs we bred, and the success Sunbeam dogs have enjoyed. And I love every minute of it. We’ve had BIS, WC, High in Trial and couch potato dogs.

I truly enjoy judging and I’m pleased to now be able to judge 20 breeds with more on the way. But nothing is as rewarding as being able to adjudicate a lovely entry of Goldens. I feel we are very lucky to have lost our hearts to a breed that is so biddable, beautiful, versatile, and affectionate. I feel the CCA is one of the best things that GRCA has done and I am so pleased to be asked to be an evaluator.