Carol Young

Carol Young, Medina, OH (Hunt Test - Junior)

Headshot of Carol Young

It is truly an honor and privilege to be selected to judge the hunt test at the 2021 Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty. I am looking forward to watching our wonderful breed do what they were bred to do.

Growing up there was always a dog as part of my family. As I grew older I became the caretaker of our family dogs. I enjoyed teaching them tricks and basic obedience. They were my companions and confidants. My other siblings didn’t really have much interest in our dogs but they were an important part of my life. Raising them and taking care of them became the backbone for my love of dogs today.

I acquired my first Golden Retriever in 1990 and have had Goldens ever since. I was introduced to the sport of hunt tests with my first two Goldens. They were very forgiving as I learned how to handle and train them for field work and other competition venues. I currently share my life with three Goldens. My oldest, Crash, earned his Hunt Test Hall of Fame and the Master National Hunter title in 2017. He loves field work and has well over 60 Master Hunter passes under his belt. My young dog, Summit, is working on his Master Hunter title and also competes in agility and dock diving. My up and coming puppy, Punch, is learning the ropes and enjoying life.

Good luck to everyone entered in the hunt test! I look forward to judging and rooting for you and your teammate to do well.