Andy Brittingham

Andy Brittingham, Fleming Island, FL (WC/WCX - WCX water)

Headshot of Andy Brittingham

Like many, I got my first Golden for two reasons: duck hunting and their great reputation with young children. I dove headfirst into training and was quickly exposed to the world of Hunt Tests and the WC/WCX. My interest grew and I eventually put a Junior Hunter and WC title on the dog. I thought I was a full-blown dog trainer!

Twenty-something years later and my children are grown, but my love for the breed and sport remains. I have learned a lot over the years, spending countless hours in the field with many dogs and trying to improve as an amateur trainer and handler. In the last few years, I have found a new enjoyment for judging various events. Looking back at my time spent in the field, my greatest surprise and joy comes from the number of friends from across the country that I have made while watching a few special dogs pick things up.