Show Policies


COVID-19 Policy

The 2021 GRCA National Specialty in Ocala, Fla., will follow the COVID-19 safety protocols that have now been established by the American Kennel Club (AKC) for Florida. These safety protocols will pertain to all GRCA events in the WEC arenas and exhibition halls.

Quoting the AKC announcement of 9/23/21 regarding COVID-19 safety protocols for the upcoming AKC National Championship week in Orlando, Fla:

"AKC will require Face Masks covering your nose and mouth to be worn indoors at all times, regardless of vaccination status, except when actively eating or drinking. You must be stationary when eating or drinking."

Anyone who will be at the World Equestrian Center for any GRCA activities during GRCA National Specialty Week (October 22-30) agrees to comply with all COVID-19 safety protocols.

It should be noted that all the welcome dinners are outdoors with plenty of social distancing possible although outdoor mask wearing when in crowds is encouraged. The safety of all exhibitors and guests is the main priority.

Freelance Photographer Policy at GRCA National Specialties (GRCA RES 18-27)

Any professional photographers, other than the official event photographers, taking candid photographs or videos at this National Specialty which are intended for sale shall:

  1. Be a vendor authorized by the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club,
  2. Pay a required vendor fee,
  3. Wear a GRCA National Press Pass while taking photographs or videos, and
  4. NOT take photographs in the designated win photo area or during the GRCA Top Twenty Event.

The GRCA reserves the right to bar any offending photographer from a specific event until its conclusion if the sale of photography is determined by the General and/or Event Chairperson to be the intent of the photographer. Such a violation may lead to a bench hearing by the Event Committee. Personal cameras and cell phone photography are permitted only if there is no intent to sell photos taken at any time during or after the National and are not permitted in the win photo area.

Hotel Policy

Other than substantially discounted room rates and reduced pet policy fees, the GRCA/Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club does not have any other deals with any of the hotels listed on the Hotel page. Whatever other hotel policies that exist on their websites are in full force and effect. Everyone making reservations at any of the hotels listed on this page must be their own best consumer and verify all applicable terms and charges that accompany their reservation including taxes, any extra fees, billing policies, etc. Any issues that arise with the hotel other than the room rate and pet fee must be handled between you and the hotel - the club will not be involved in handling any disputes. Please advise that you are with the GRCA National Specialty club upon making your reservations to receive the reduced rates. Please be kind and courteous to all hotel staff – the hotels in Ocala are very excited for us to be there, let’s not make them sorry we came. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you soon. Enjoy the show!<

Ringside Agility, Obedience, & Rally Photography Policy

Pix ‘n Pages Photography,, 407-536-7297

Pix ‘n Pages Photography is the official photographer for these events. No other photographer will be allowed to photograph dogs at the above-identified events without the express consent of Pix ‘n Pages Photography and the Show Chairperson. Anyone observed photographing these events, or any portion thereof, without permission will be asked to leave.

Pix ‘n Pages Photography will also be photographing portrait sessions on request. All photos will be posted at

Video Policy and Release

The professional video services and live streaming at this show are governed by an exclusive video contract with the club. No other commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod, monopod, or other supported camera/device, or any video recording or streaming of large parts or whole classes shall be permitted. The contract terms permit individuals to record small bits of video of their own dogs only, and using handheld devices only (e.g. phone, tablet, or small camcorder). Individuals may post recorded videos of their own dogs to social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc). However, during show hours LIVE Broadcast Streaming to social media (e.g., Facebook Live) is not permitted. Submission of an entry form and/or physical presence on the show grounds shall constitute both implied and real consent for both the handler and the dog to be professionally video recorded and streamed live only by the professional video services as contracted by the Club for this show.